Message From President

Our not-for-profit professional membership organization is committed to promoting mediation as an effective means for addressing family conflict and decisions. We are dedicated to one day realizing an Illinois Family Court System where mediation is embraced as the primary means for resolving family issues.

MCI strives not only to increase awareness and acceptance of family mediation, but also to provide information about mediation. We seek to provide information to families about the mediation process and selection of trained mediators. And we seek to assist family mediators in attaining skill through continuing education and mentor-ship.

MCI “Referral “member family mediators are listed on this website for your convenience. These mediators have demonstrated compliance with MCI's standards regarding education, experience, and annual continuing education. Referral members also pledge to adhere to the "MCI Standards of Practice" for family mediators.

The goal of Mediation is to seek solutions that “fit” your family's unique situation. When family members resolve their problems and by making mutually satisfactory decisions, EVERYONE WINS!!!


Christine Pasko Falls, J.D.

President of MCI